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Ownership Structure

The Chinook Community Forest is an equal Partnership between six First Nations and two Municipal Governments.  The ownership structure was negotiated by all parties ensuring an equal voice and equal equity in the ongoing business and potential profits resulting from operating the Chinook Community Forest.

Community Engagement


Chinook Comfor Limited will be a leader in forest practise management, social values and economics.


Chinook Comfor Limited is committed to managing our renewable resources by collaborating to build community capacity. We will achieve this by creating self reliance, through long term environmental sustainability for economic and social growth.


To maintain transparency the Board publishes public copies of monthly Board meetings.  You can read them here.

Log Sales

If you are interested in purchasing fibre from our community forest, please contact

Forestry Tenders

Chinooks FFT 2021 Spring Tree Planting

Chinook Community Forest has approximately 233.7 hectares for spring planting through our Forest for Tomorrow (FFT) program.

Chinook Comfor FFT Tenure Package’s

Chinook Community Forest has 5 tender packages out for it's Forest for Tomorrow program. These tenures are located on the south side of Francios Lake.

Mechanical Prep Site Tender – Verdun

Verdun Overstory Removal of Plantations

Mechanical Prep Site Tender – Nadina

Overstory removal of panttaions impacted by 2018 fire stands in the Nadina Forest District.

Fire Salvage Layout

Chinook Community Forest invites and welcomes proposals for their Fire Salvage layout. Please take the time to carefully read and become familiar with the proposal requirements. All proposals submitted for consideration must be received by the time as specified above...

Stand Tending Surveys and Prescriptions

Stand Tending Surveys and Stand Tending Prescriptions Land Base Investment Program (LBIP) Chinook Comfor LP invites and welcomes proposals for their Forest for Tomorrow Project. Please take the time to carefully read and become familiar with the proposal requirements....

Community Support

Application for Donation

Chinook Community Forest will distribute profits from operations on a periodic bases to deserving groups in our communities.  If your project qualifies for funding you can use the following forms to make application for funding:

Burns Lake Snowmobile Club 2020

Chinook is very happy to help support the construction of a Nellian Lake Gazebo on the snowmobile trail with a $6000 donation.

Lakes District Enhancement Society 2020

Chinook is very pleased to help with COVID19 support with a donation of $2000.

Burns Lake Tumblers 2019

Chinook is please to support the Burns Lake Tumblers with a donation of $1000 to help with purchase of new tumbling mats.

Spirit North 2020

Chinook is very pleased to help with continued support of the mountain bike program with a donation of $1000 to help with a All Nations Race Team.

Burns Lake Mountain Biking Association 2020

To Chinook is very pleased to help out with a $5000 donation.

LDSS School District #91 2020

Chinook is very pleased to help the local school to attend Skiing & Snowboarding Provincials with a $2000 donation.

Burns Lake Aboriginal Sports Club 2020

Chinook donated $2500 towards Bantam Team entry to Prince George aboriginal youth championship tournament.

Cole Bender 2020

Chinook is very happy to help support local athletes with a donation of $1000 to attend the Switzerland Biathlon World Games.

North West Peewee Girls 2019

Chinook donates $2500 to help with tournament fees and provincials.

Burns Lake & District Seniors Society 2019

Chinook is happy to help out with the resurfacing of the high school track with a $4000 donation.



The latest news from Chinook Community Forest.

Chinook Community Forest FESBC Project

Chinook Comfor is working with Forest Enhancement Society BC to salvage burnt fiber from the Verdun 2018 Wildfires with in Chinooks K4R license area. This project will salvage 93.6 hectares of badly burnt fiber.

High Resolution Inventory Solution(HRIS) comparison to Vegetation Resources Inventory(VRI)

Tesra, Chinooks LiDAR contractor completed a comparison its HRIS to provincial VRI. The purpose of this document is to provide a comparison of the HRIS forest inventory with the corresponding VRI inventory as it relates to the whole treed area.

Research Paper 1 & 2

One of Chinooks commitments in its management plan was to conduct 3 research papers. Chinooks first paper is on ASSESSING SET ASIDE OLD-GROWTH FORESTS WITH AIRBORNE LiDAR METRICS. Chinook teamed up with UNBC to complete this first paper, using Chinooks LiDAR/High...

Chinook Community Forest 2018-19 Annual Report

Chinook had a very interesting year to say the least. From very high snow levels to a very cold wet spring and then into the fires of 2018. Chinook lost approximately 9,000 hectares of it's THLB to the fires along with roughly $80,000 worth of block layout.

CCF/FFT 2019-20

Chinook Community Forest completed roughly 400 hectares of site prep of non liability plantations that were impacted from the 2018 Verdun & Nadina Wildfires. These areas are scheduled to be replanted spring/summer of 2021.

2020 Open House

Please come join Chinook for a Hotdog or Burger, see what Chinook has been up to and future plans.

Public Consultation Meeting for a Fire Mitigation Plan

The Chinook Community Forest is hosting a Public Consultation Meeting for a Fire Mitigation Plan at the Grassy Plains Hall February 9, 2019, from 9:00 a.m. to 3 p.m. Snacks and coffee will be provided.  

2018 Fire Impact to Chinook Community Forest

2018 Chinook Community Forest lost 9,293 hectares of Timber Harvesting Land Base (THLB) between the Verdun, Shovel Lake, Nadina and Equity Mine fires.
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